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About Me

My name is Cherie, AKA Re-Minded Mom. I am the mom to a wonderfully gifted and also learning challenged daughter. Having raised three older, now adult, children, who I also homeschooled for several years back in the 1990’s. I thought I had this thing called parenting and homeschooling down pretty well. I thought I was finished with homeschooling but, along came my little surprise who turned my world upside down and challenged every preconceived idea I had about parenting, homeschooling and education in general. Through her struggles, I have been turned inside out and have been sent on a journey of research, re-thinking and “re-minding” my approach to parenting and education. I now approach educating and homeschooling with a new mindset.
Regrettably, I was once one of those people who rolled my eyes and murmured, “What that child needs is a little discipline…” Well, the joke is on me! I am now walking in the shoes of those I once judged. You see, God has a sense of humor, and truthfully, He is not about to let us continue to walk in our wrong ways.
Through much struggle and pain, both on my part and my daughter’s, we have learned to take a different, “Re-Minded” approach to learning.

Whether you have a struggling learner or not, it is my hope that this blog will be a place for you to discover the uniqueness in each of your children and explore the different ways to achieve your goals in raising and educating them. I desire that Re-Minded Homeschooling, will be a place to find support, encouragement, and answers to the perplexing issues that arise when homeschooling our children, especially when they don’t, “fit in the box.” Whether your children have difficulties or not, I hope to lead you on a journey of developing a new mindset when it comes to educating your amazing children.